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About Pocket WiFi Rental

Enjoy Spain. Avoid Roaming Charges or Surprises on your phone bill.

Our Goal

Spain is a great place to visit. Roaming charges or expending a fortune on a data plan are not. Our goal is to allow you to connect with Friends, Family, Work while in Spain without any headaches.

Spain is incredible, but internet services, especially in hotels, rental apartments and on the street are not. We are here to take that pain out of your trip to Spain.

Our Promises

  • Transparent Pricing
  • Responsive and Friendly customer support
  • Easy to reserve, Recieve and Return

The Project

I started Pocket WiFi Rental out of our frustration of not finding places with good internet in Spain.

As a founder of a company where everyone works remotely, finding good internet in places like rental apartments, hotels, etc. was important.

I think traveling abroad is much better when you stay connected to your friends, family or office.

That's how Pocket WiFi Rental was born. To offer the best solution to avoid expensive roaming charges while enjoying great Spanish culture and places.

Stay connected everywhere in Spain and in Europe. Without romaing charges or headeachs